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Price of Privileged Account

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I've been wondering this for a long time: in Testbooru it says $10, but here it's still $20. I thought it could be a typo in the test page, but it says $10 in 3 different places.

I don't think you would charge $10 just to test stuff, and since our accounts will be carried to the new site, could it be the price is going down once Danbooru 2 arrives? If not, why does it say $10 there?

Updated by user 358670

Most of the testing is not done on Danbooru 2 and the upgrade for testing was by request. It won't carry over.

Accounts will be carried over as they are from danbooru 1.

As for the cost, have to wait and see. He might have changed it for danbooru 2 but everything there should be considered "testing mode".