Particular login issues with Pixiv

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I got a new laptop and found A) I couldn't log into Pixiv and B) when I try to request a reminder/new password I keep on getting a "user does not exist" sort of error.

I tried clearing cookies, I tried clearing cache, and i even tried going into IE but no luck.


Not enough information.

Does it work on your old laptop/PC?
What login information did you use?
Did you forget your pixiv ID / email? What's your ID?
Are you even on http://www.pixiv.net/?
Did you provide the correct e-mail address at http://www.pixiv.net/reminder.php ?

Most likely, you tried to log in using your nickname and it didn't work. Use your pixiv ID or the e-mail you provided when signing up.

Your account still exists:
I don't know how to see your pixiv ID since you haven't uploaded anything.