Style parody tag change

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On danbooru parody and imitation have always been synonymous, unless there is another tag created for non-comedic imitations, a cleanup, and really stupid level of monitoring of both tags this implication removal isn't really necessary. The wiki for parody should just be modified to point out how it's been historically used.

I am not suggesting redoing the whole of the parody tag since it might be slightly insane at this point to try.

Also a quick glance at the parody tag does seem to suggest it is being used for actual parodies vs any imitations beyond style ones.

What I am suggesting is that only the style_parody tag be renamed and the wiki cleaned up to match its actual intent.

1. style_parody -> style_imitation.
2. Remove the implication and reference to parody.
3. Images would remain under the new tag.
4. parody would be added where it is needed.

That is unless I am missing something more major if it was changed.