Tag Implication interlocked_fingers -> holding_hands

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i was reading replies in forum #39583 when i encountered interlocked_fingers. i chose to raise the issue here since it was raised here before. the issue is regarding its seemingly unclear definition. interlocked_fingers states "When one or more characters have their fingers interlocking in the spaces of on another." and "See hands_clasped when one character does this with both of their own hands."

is interlocked_fingers supposedly an umbrella tag for interlaced fingers regardless of the number of personalities involved?

is hands_clasped a specific subset of the above for one person only?

or is it better to revise the wiki of interlocked_fingers and limit it to "two or more characters" instead?

and how is it exactly when one post qualifies under hands_clasped? is it enough that the fingers of the same person are interlaced? should the palms be together? currently, gendou_pose implicates hands_clasped. but it should be noted that the palms are not touching. are the palms important?