Jewel Pet implications

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The two later Jewel Pet series (Tinkle and Sunshine) sometimes have the regular jewel_pet tag and sometimes don't, and I think we should have some consistency by either making implications or keeping them separate. Even though I'm unfamiliar with the series, my understanding is that they have different human characters each time but the same creatures. If we go with implications, I think we should have a new tag to distinguish the first series' human characters.

Also, not as important, but it seems officially "Jewelpet" is one word, so maybe we should have aliases to that form of the title too.

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jxh2154 said:
Agreed on a tag for the first but not sure what to use. I take it there's no useful subtitle or anything? I'd like to avoid a qualifier.

No, seems it's just plain "Jewelpet" without a subtitle. I think implicating jewelpet_(series) will work fine, though. It just needs to have characters from the two later series weeded out afterwards, which I'm willing to do myself. So,

jewel_pet -> jewelpet
jewel_pet_tinkle -> jewelpet_tinkle
jewel_pet_sunshine -> jewelpet_sunshine
EDIT: Also all of these characters need to be aliased from (jewel_pet) to (jewelpet) qualifier, except sara_(jewel_pet) who should be aliased specifically to sara_(jewelpet_tinkle)

jewelpet -> jewelpet_(series)
jewelpet_tinkle -> jewelpet_(series)
jewelpet_sunshine -> jewelpet_(series)