Tag alias Sex -> Intercourse

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ion288 said:
I think we do need an umbrella tag as many posts are ambiguous, either by censoring: post #392662, post #122984, position: post #1149906, post #1163437 or artist lack of anatomy knowledge (please dont make me find examples).

Trying to sort out all posts where the characters might be having intercourse from the ones where that is clearly visible is borderline impossible and probably the reason people dont want to touch this subject.

This is already accomplished by sex vaginal and sex anal with sex being the umbrella tag.
Going through the first pages, I can't find too many mistagged posts. What's with that "biggest mess of all the tags"?

intercourse applies to any kind of communication or interaction. It would have to be sexual_intercourse, abbreviated sex. Both words are, outside of danbooru, also often used for other sex practices such as oral. The change wouldn't accomplish anything.

The reason you find so few mistaged posts is probably because of the enormous number of correctly taged posts. Cunnilingus, fellatio kneepit_sex are all examples of what people think of as sex and might ignorantly tag so. A different word would be less likely to be used errorusly.

The latin coitus could also be an alternative word or sexual penetration.

There are about 500 posts in sex yuri. Although some of them are bisexual threesomes, most are incorrectly taged. I really suspect there are even more mistakes among heterosexual posts as no good way to search for them exists.