Tag Implication: 2girls1tub -> bathtub

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Hum, why is that a tag, actually? Shouldn't we have a tag like say "bath sharing" to cover such depictions rather than something like that? With that kind of tag are we supposed to have a male version? A different tag for additional people in the bath?

For what it's worth, I'd vote to go with shared_bath or, to use a more precise tag, shared_bathtub to keep the main intent of the tag. Using shared_bath would first need the current tagged images to be given the bathtub tag before doing so, though.

The group_bath tag proposed in the other topic seems like it could end up being somewhat vague, causing people to use it on any image depicting multiple people in a bathroom or onsen, without requiring them to actually be bathing in the image. The "sharing" part is probably what needs to be apparent.