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Maybe you mean that ice looks like crystal. I think of crystal in the geological sense - that a crystal sword would be made out of valuable rocks found within the earth, whereas an ice sword is made out of frozen water. Their appearances are similar, but their origins are not.

Perhaps there could be obvious hints for posts containing an ice sword such as the character being widely known for using ice/water powers, and/or snow, ice, water, glaciers, cold wind and such accompanying them. If those hints don't exist in the picture, then crystal sword could be used instead because it's more ambiguous.

Alternately, we could use crystalline sword to encompass both of them without specifying their origin.


Crystals are crystals whether they are made of water, salt, quartz, or diamond. Just because something wouldn't remain crystalline under normal human habitable circumstances doesn't change the material's properties.

Shinjidude is right, a crystal is just a regular arrangement of atoms and/or molecules. As well, "crystalline" is just an adjective for crystals; crystalline silicon is silicon that's formed into a crystal.

cleartailcat said:
I don't imagine it's possible to have one tag implicate another before aliasing it to a third?

I believe I've asked that question before. It doesn't work; aliases happen before implications.

Anyway, I like crystal_sword & crystal_weapon. If we go with both, this wouldn't be the first time I've seen foo_bar and foo_baz appear on most images just to cover a few cases where only one applies.

post #782426, aside from being awesome, also brings up crystal/rock/ice armour & decorations. There don't seem to be any such tags. Actually, I'm surprised we only have a handful of tags for jewelry and decorations, considering we're pretty detailed about clothing.