Tag rename: makenshi_chrona -> crona or crona_(soul_eater)

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For some reason the tag for the Soul Eater character is "makenshi_chrona". This despite "Crona" being the official spelling (and not just in the English versions), and more importantly, I have no idea where the hell "makenshi" came from.

If he/she had a family name it would be Gorgon and it would be in western name order (as his/her mother is named Medusa Gorgon), but everything I can find just calls the character by the one name.

Updated by jxh2154

Someone probably transliterated 魔剣士クロナ and failed to realize that 魔剣士 (makenshi, or Wielder of the Demon Sword) is a title, not part of the name.

(The 魔剣士 title is derived from the fact that Crona uses the Demon Sword, Ragnarok.)