Real Photo Upload?

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If you have to ask, the answer is no. But to be fair (and since someone else would call me out on that anyway), here's a quote from the Terms of Service:

Prohibited Content

In addition, you may not use the Site to upload any of the following:

  • Non-anime: Photographs of American porn actresses, for example, are prohibited. Photographs of cosplayers, figures, or prominent figures in the industry are acceptable.

For example, the search cosplay photo.

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  • Anonymity said:
    how about: post #1108389 post #968593

    To be clear, I wouldn't recommend anyone post anything else like this. To be blunt, if these weren't Touhou-related they would have been about 10x more likely to fail the mod queue. Certainly I wouldn't have approved them. And dean exia's link is five years old, which explains that one.

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