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I'm surprised there isn't a tag for a character in_bed, under_the_covers, tucked_in; sleeping, reading or otherwise.

Would imply lying. Mutually exclusive of on_bed and (possibly) sitting in/on bed (for any one character).

Would apply to beds of all manner, sleeping_bags, futons and the like. Only requirement is that the bedsheets, blanket or similar be drawn over the body. I'd say at least over the legs, possibly past the navel, else it's merely on_bed.

Not sure if under_kotatsu would count.

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Unsure - sitting upright, but legs under covers:
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Examples of on_bed:
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Updated by jxh2154

Sorry to thread hijack, but I decided to update the definition of bed to have a link to under covers to help future searches, and I ran into the fact that bed currently says that it's only for scenes that take place on a bed.

If true, then what is on bed for? Should bed be updated to simply cover the presence of a bed in the scene regardless of whether or not people are on it? Or should there be a purge of bed for pics that aren't on bed and an elimination of the latter tag?

The current wiki for bed is silly. I'd say it should be:

  • bed for any western-style raised bed and frame + mattress + sheets arrangements, then bunk_bed, canopy_bed, hospital_bed, etc. would be implicated.
  • futon for a japanese-style mattress + covers on the floor.
  • on_bed for on top of the whole bed/futon. Perhaps an over_covers alias would be appropriate, but being on a bed that has no cover would apply here.
  • under_covers for using the bed as beds are supposed to be used. Perhaps an in_bed alias would be appropriate.

Not sure how a simple blanket on the floor (aka sleeping rough) or futon-like beds would fit in.