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Danbooru 2 testing contest

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The number of tickets coming in for Danbooru 2 have come to a trickle lately, which either means there are no bugs left or people have lost interest. In an attempt to stir up some activity again, I'd like to propose a simple contest:

The top three people who submit the most issues that result in code changes will receive a privileged account upgrade. You can gift this upgrade to a friend if you want. Here's what you need to do to participate:

1) Register for an account on Github: https://github.com

2) Log into http://testbooru.donmai.us (your current account name and password should work)

3) Find bugs and report them at https://github.com/r888888888/danbooru/issues/new

If you want me to upgrade your account level to test mod functions you can request it here in this thread. I'll probably let this run for at least two weeks.

As a quick reminder, some of the perks you get with a privileged account:

  • No ads
  • Search up to eight tags at once
  • Your votes count towards a post's score
  • Automatically updated tag subscriptions
  • Ability to see deleted posts

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Pyrolight said:
Thank you

General question.

Does disapprove hide the image for just yourself or all the mods?

File a bug, he fixed the terminology in the queue but not the images themselves.

[strike]How do I exactly login to testbooru using my danbooru account?[/strike]

ETA: Okay, so the Sign In page is online now (it previously just sends me to the Sign Up page). Thanks.

Looks good so far, if a bit sparse. I'll keep playing around with it to see what comes up.


I think I found a couple of issues in the My Account section
1st in pool changes it comes up all HTML.
2nd after selecting favorites the mode screen only shows half of the word.
I hope this can be of some help.
New site has a lot of awesome features..
Keep up the great work..

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