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Shiro Tebukuro R, literally "White Glove R" - also note their profile picture on Pixiv.

rantuyetmai said:
櫂 暁希 (currently kai_akatsuki_mare, I just want to confirm the name reading)

暁希 is a single name, read either Akatsuki or Aki so it is kai_akatsuki or kai_aki - I suspect the latter.

Krugger said:

I have no other names for him/her but ボンバーグレープ

Looks like "Bomber Grape" to me.

Krugger said:
I have no other names for him/her but ボンバーグレープ

There are doubts that he is actually the same person as 山内泰延 (Yamauchi Yasunobu), a Japanese Mangaka.
Yasunobu currently has a comedy manga series, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou on the Square Enix web comic online magazine, Gangan Comics ONLINE. This was made into a real manga book later on.

On a 2ch page regarding this manga, people have been saying the following:

Anonymous 1: "That dude Bomber Grape from Pixiv has a very similar drawing pattern as this. Is he the author of this manga?"
Anonymous 2: "They're obviously the same person, just look at them! lol"
Anonymous 3: "Yea, the pictures are extremely similar lol. Is this a coincidence or not... On his profile it says "occupation: IT related". Couldn't this indicate his involvement in the Gangan Comics ONLINE? maybe it's a little too far fetched."
Anonymous 4: "I laughed because they look too similar lol I'm pretty sure they're the same. The way they color is almost identical."
Anonymous 5: "Yea, they've got to be the same. If not I don't know what to believe in anymore lol"

Bomber Grape's friend uploaded his webcomic on Nico Nico Douga. On the description, it says: "Bomber Grape does not have a series on a certain online magazine, or at least he says so." However, other users do not believe a bit of this.

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