Deleting lossy-lossless when original exists

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If a post is lossy-lossless and the original lossy image exists on Danbooru, is it acceptable to flag the lossy-lossless post for deletion? What if the post has also undergone minor edits, like brightness mods or hard translated?

I'm not calling for an active purge of all such posts, just an allowance to flag ones as desired.


Updated by Log

Just putting down my reason for reapproving post #612395. I felt there was value in retaining it, since the other version with an actual source (post #612676) lacks lines from the back lighting and the darkening that are present in the png version. If post #612395 was a edit from a 3rd party, then they went to a lot of effort to reconstruct the lines and shading of the boards of the window, her hair, and shoulders.

As I already told him directly, I'm ok with 100% dupes resaved either out of ignorance, someone resaving it to post on an image board, or malicious intent to get around the dupe check but not with "these two images are sort of similar but one is not saved perfectly so PURGE!"