Tag Alias: cheek_rub -> cheek_press

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I'd imagine that cheek_rub would require some sort of motion lines or something to indicate a rubbing action over a simple pressing action, but nothing under the tag currently seems to follow that (except the animated gif which doesn't need motion lines, but the animation seems to be pressing cheeks not really rubbing them).

Laethiel said:

This tag gets misused a lot, since the name isn't intuitive. cheek-to-cheek covers the same thing, with a clearer name. cheek_press should be cleared out or aliased to cheek-to-cheek, not sure which. Either way, cheek_press needs to be cleaned up first, since it's being used for a lot of other things.

Agreed, however I think this should have it's own thread. I believe there should be a tag for pressing your cheek against things that are not cheeks as well.