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Hmm, doesn't a half-skirt specifically refer to skirts missing either the left or right side, not the front?

Or am I wrong and the term also applies to any skirt missing any portion, be it front, left, or whatever?

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  • Benit149 said:
    What about waist cape? Capes don't cover the front like cloaks do, and it only goes from the waist down.

    I'd be more inclined to call them a skirt, especially since a lot of the examples given here share a frilly skirt look.

    titaniachkt said:
    Depending on what's agreed upon, should they be separated into *_skirt and *_dress?

    With this tag, it would probably be better to use it to cover both skirts and the skirts of dresses and not split it.

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  • So deciding whether to use this or waist_cape will have to be judged case by case for each image, depending on if the clothing looks like it's being used as a cape or not.

    And overskirt only applies when worn over another skirt or pants.

    If half-skirt is the applicable tag (again, unsure if open front skirts can be called half-skirts) then we may need some other tags to specify which side the skirt opens on.

    If we don't go with that, then we could simply use either open-front_skirt or frontless_skirt. I'm leaning towards the latter because I think "open-front" also describes skirts with a slit in front and not just skirts that lack the front.

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  • jjj14 said:
    frontless_bottom? Could apply to skirts/dresses/hakama/etc.

    Not a hakama. The whole point of a hakama is to hide the wearer's stance and feet, so it has to be a solid skirt. Also I would rather not lump something like post #613160 with examples in the opening post.

    I would rather a single tag for both "over-skirt" and "crotch-less-skirt" cases (even if "overskirt" rings well).

    I'm in favour of open-front/back_skirt/dress/pants(?), as well as using overskirt for what is describes.

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