Shinai covering

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NWF_Renim said:
I have seen in at least one manga a similar type covering as the first group (just longer) being used for naginata as well, so perhaps these sleeves are used for a variety of other weapons/practice weapons?

Probably. I just had it mind from seeing kendo in anime, so that's where I went searching for examples.

I should have tried searching around more: sword_bag does already exist and is used for what I'm trying to tag. This seems like a fair enough tag name and is close to what I was leaning towards anyway. I'll go ahead and populate the tag with the images I found (including the second group).

I see shinai_bag was used before too. I think it would be good to have an alias in place to sword_bag for those who associate with shinai at first (as I had in my mind).

EB said:

Any agreement on an alias? Sometimes it's easier to tell that there's something other than a sword being covered (post #1752334), and other times it's indistinguishable from a sword_bag (post #1617532). Separate tags (with an implication) would be useful for the former, but it's not that important IMO.

create alias shinai_bag -> weapon_bag
create alias weapon_cover_bag -> weapon_bag
create alias sword_bag -> weapon_bag