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Tong said:
It was never created because people thought like me.
I repeat, Chrono Phantasma is a SEQUEL, not subseries, not spinoff, not doujin... It's plain old BLAZBLUE with NEW Characters.

There's no "naruto shippuuden" tag because of everthing I said.

To wit: we probably should have a Naruto Shippuden tag to help with searching time-skip outfits/characters.

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Naruto has 3562 posts actually, sidebar tag counts are for the most part worthless. It is unpopular with the people who participate on the forums though, so you're more or less right. However there are negative posts under naruto_shippuden so that means a mass edit, or less likely an alias that was reversed, happened at one point. Which means that someone bothered with it at one point.