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Just wondering if this pool is restricted to images that have the "*Project1000users入り" pixiv tag, or is it for anything above 1000 bookmarks?
Done a quick source check against my copy of the pixiv database and there is about 5400~ posts that could be added to it, some of which lack the tag..

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It served no practical purpose at the time and now that it is about to hit 16000 posts it serves no purpose *and* is too large to reasonably navigate. Let's kill this thing off already. rantuyetmai was the only one who obsessively demanded we use it to the point that he shoved it down our throats.

Pixiv is not the only freaking site on the internet so aggregating their numbers still serves us no practical purpose aside from proving we are nothing but a pixiv mirror.

I say it still can be used to determine, in a way, the most popular images on Pixiv and acts quite well as a "quality check". I personally think it should be converted as a tag for the standalone images and used mostly for listing the comics though.

I agree with ridding the pool. We get the idea; there's plenty of pictures with 1000 favorites, and it gets hard to both track in Danbooru and to find new posts from Pixiv. Not to mention there's the chance of it timing out when I try to add a post to the pool.

+1 for moving from pool to tag.

ShadowbladeEdge said:
I'm for scrubbing too.

However, maybe as a compromise we could go to 5000 or 10000. 1000 seems to mean about jack a lot at this point.

Changing it to 5000 or 10000 would trim the pool down, but that's all it'd do. It doesn't change the fact that it's entirely irrelevant data that we're obsessively aggregating for some reason.

I feel preemptively bad for the poor hypothetical souls who'd have to put in the effort to clean it up to match a new arbitrarily picked number of favorites on an entirely different website.

I think there are 2 things useful about Pixiv 1000:

- It brings spotlight on interesting posts with a low score (comics, originals, copyrights unpopular on Danbooru). It's especially useful for copyrights you're unaware of or usually don't search for, since Pixiv 1000 gathers all copyrights in one place. Like I said in the previous thread, an alternative to order:score for things that get overlooked by danbooru users.

- It can sparkle interest or curiosity on a single image, or on a series you're unfamiliar with. When you notice the Pixiv 1000 border on an image that seemed uninteresting to you until then, maybe there's more to it than you thought and you'll want to give it a second look, or learn more about the series.
More generally, differences in popularity between Danbooru and Pixiv can also be interesting to analyze, since most of Danbooru's contents is initially meant for Pixiv users.

I don't like how popular artists automatically hit the threshold whatever the work, and overall I don't know if the benefits outweight the cost, but saying it's trash is just too easy.

I think the concept is very useful for subscription. Danbooru's favorites and scores are too arbitrary toward sexual images and copyrights that are targeted at male audiences, unlike Pixiv 1000 that spreads interest pretty even in different genres.

But this pool seriously needs to be turned into a tag.

A tag isn't appropriate for the reasons everyone agreed on in the previous discussion. I still believe it should go altogether, but if we absolutely must keep it in some form then I'd rather we go with RaisingK's suggestion.

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