Tag suggestion: Fan blowing in crotch

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Edit: Where'd this extra post come from?

Anyway, no, there's nothing about this that should make it a pool. Small numbers of posts and a very specific definition do not make it "pool material".


Zekana said:
tags are meant to be used for very specific things while pools should only be used for vague ideas or concepts.

OK, point taken. I suppose I just question the need for such a tag but then again its not going to do any harm.

Pictures featuring fanning the crotch or face are both common enough (all my examples are from the first page of an electric_fan search) and different enough from normal fanning to deserve their own tag. I suggest

fanning_self as umbrella for general usage of an electrical fan, like post #1243727.
fanning_crotch for using an electrical fan on one's crotch area, like post #1231306.
fanning_face for using an electrical fan on one's face area, like post #1228323.

We also should restrict the fanning tag for using non electrical fans only like post #1156112 to have a clear distinction between the two. Aliasing fanning to manual_fanning or some such would make it more clear.