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I came across the light and lights tags, and looking through them they seem too ambiguous to be of much use.
They don't have wiki entries, and currently aren't used in any consistent way except for the presence of some kind of light, and I don't think that's particularly useful.
And then there's the fact that there are two of these tags, without a noticeably different useage.

I think that they either need to be given a good definition with a wiki entry, or nuked completely and moved to more specific tags.

Here are some more specific tags which illustrate some of the many different ways these two tags are used, with example posts:
lamp - post #1325289
light_rays - post #564901
sunlight - post #1303025
sunbeam - post #1038742
light_particles - post #1327909
backlighting - post #653687
moonlight - post #1196743
traffic_light - post #1043865
lightbulb - post #508749
spotlight - post #470417
flashlight - post #1165175
city_lights - post #683412
stage_lights - post #650411
caustic_lighting - post #396224
christmas_lights - post #952782
dappled_sunlight - post #511255
candlelight - post #634631
lightning - post #436124
glowing - post #1249735

So, should these two tags be nuked or not? In the event that they're not, it might help to implicate the above list of tags to lights and alias light to lights.

Updated by ghostrigger

there's a little previous discussion before at forum # 14788 (page 13, from the middle part down to the bottom; too lazy to copy & paste) but this new thread seems to be the more appropriate place. i have the opinion that both requires massive cleaning before an alias or before even marking them as ambiguous, whichever is more preferred.