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Tag/forum noob here. Say I want to create a new tag, that's very easily objectively defined, non-ambiguous, and has plenty of examples. Is it necessary to propose the tag here first, or do I simply add it to the images in question? It would also be related to two tag groups, and I don't necessarily know how to edit those.

The tag I'm thinking of is "tail_through_panties", which would be in the tail and panties tag groups. Examples:
post #1254085
post #1241479
post #1240114
post #1217307
post #1138550
post #1146947

-edit- 5/3/2013: Renamed from "Procedure for creating a new tag?" to "New tag: tail_through_clothes." -NWF Renim

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tail_cutout does have consistency with other tags, such as heart_cutout, cleavage_cutout, ass_cutout, navel_cutout, and revealing_cutout that are meant to describe clothing with a missing section that reveals certain characteristics. There is the issue with posts as outlined by Serlo, however that's also the case with many posts in the *_cutout line of tags; very few are literally cut out of the clothing. I would prefer tail_cutout mainly for consistency, but also because using anything else would warrant extra scrutiny of the other *_cutout tags, generating more work than just creating a tag.

If it has to be tail_hole for clothes designed to accommodate a tail, shouldn't it also be cleavage_hole for clothes designed to flaunt one's booby canyon?

Of course, my entire argument hinges on the assumptions that consistency matters and that people don't want more work than necessary. I'm probably wrong on at least one of these.



I've just stumbled upon post #600501 and I'm not sure how to tag it (also see post #600496 from the same artist). Maybe ass_cutout? Or tail_cutout, if we decide to use it, or both?

On a more general note, I think that tail_through_clothes and tail_cutout tags can be used independently. For example post #600496 or post #18850 would be tagged with tail_through_clothes but not tail_cutout. And post #600501 or post #1077742 could be tagged with just tail_cutout.

Another issue I can see is a large overlap between tail_cutout and ass_cutout. Most of the time images with tail_cutout would also fall under the ass_cutout tag, at least I can't remember any exceptions at the moment.
So maybe it's better to alias tail_cutout to ass_cutout and use it in conjunction with tail_through_clothes where needed?