Removal information in Japanese/etc for non-English speaking artists.

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Is this something we already have? Admittedly, I have been fairly inactive for the last year or two, so please notify me if I've missed something relevant. If it's something we don't have, then please, read on!

Today, a friend messaged me saying that while browsing pixiv, he found an artist that asked on their profile to be notified if any of their art is seen on overseas websites. My friend attempted to notify the artist, but then told me said artist didn't know how to request removal (or that danbooru even does so) because they can't read English. Since this is something artists have to do for themselves, it seems very hard for some to have their artwork removed.

If we don't have something easily located for a Japanese speaker, is it possible for us to write something up? My Japanese is novice at best, else I would volunteer to contribute.

side note: I've personally contacted the artist and have attempted to ask him if removal is indeed what he wants.

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  • One solution is for Danbooru to run an IP2Geo request each time an IP connects to Danbooru for the first time, and if they're from Japan, display a closable announcement at the top of the page linking to the disclaimer/Danbooru about page.

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