Difference between pinstripe and vertical-line patterns?

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Benit149 said:
Even with that description, a lot of vertical-striped legwear posts have thin lines yet aren't tagged pinstripe pattern.

It's only because the tag hasn't really been "gardened" much yet. There are a lot of tomoe_mami images it could apply to since it's the pattern on her magical girl thighhighs.

If there's no need for the distinction, then a merger would be good.

It wouldn't be good because pinstripes could also be horizontal or diagonal.

There are a lot of tags many users don't know about. I'm one of them, and I am nut for tagging.

But anyway, the pinstripe_pattern tag was suggested by me due to forum #30479 another tag called pinstripes and pinstriped_suit etc. were created and also underused. They were not implicated and this was at the time of organizing the attire taggroup. It also wasn't clear what was.

It is not a matter of urgency when it comes to pattern tags, since there are many images with detailed clothing, people just tag the basics of what they see and what tags they currently know.