Tag discussion: Sanae's hairdecs

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They're supposed to be for whatever depiction you can find, really, but sometimes with tags it can get to a point where it might be necessary to differentiate if they are used often enough, like flower and stars.

Sanae is clearly very popular and is almost always depicted with her ornaments, even when she's wearing alternate, casual or adapted costumes. The only issue is these tags would only be used for her. You can still find images of non-hair ornament related frogs and snakes by just negating her from a search, but what if you want to find them in a picture with her in it? It's not an uncommon thing to for an artist to draw, either.

+1, I guess. Without nested tags there's no better way to handle this.

Nials said:

frog -hair_ornament?

Those searchers still wouldn't find images with both Sanae's frog ornament and real frogs. I wouldn't endorse making specific tags for this sort of thing too often, like for instance Patchouli's crescent moon ornament, but this case would be a reasonable exception since actual frogs and snakes are common themes with not only Sanae but the rest of the Moriya characters, and right now there's no easy way to find those images.

Also it doesn't surprise me people don't use the hair ornament tag as often as frog. It's longer and not as easy to remember. I doubt people actually search for it too often, either, so the care level is low. That's just the reality of the average uploader.

Is there really a good reason to tag Sanae's ornaments at all? She's the only character that wears them, and there aren't many pictures where she's not wearing them, so the tags are kind of redundant.

Pictures with Suwako in them aren't tagged pyonta unless the hat's doing something special instead of just being there, so perhaps the same rule should apply to Sanae.

Bicorn said:
Sanae is the only one who wears those particular ornaments. Maybe the problem is more that the tags are too specific;

A frog_hair_ornament -kochiya_sanae search returns a few posts, so even if the vast majority of posts depicting such ornaments involve Sanae, she definitely isn't the only one who wears them. There's nothing wrong with a tag being very specific IMHO, as long as it's about a real object in the image that cannot be easily found using other tag searches.

An implication from panda, snake, frog, and other animal hair ornaments to animal_hair ornament might be worthwhile though.