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I received an email from the pixiv artist, Ichiharune it goes like this
How do you do? My name is Ichiharune.

post #1166999
I am the creator of this illustration. So you liked me a picture of me. I'm happy!
However, I want to delete this image please. Do you know a copyright? It is not good that the upload without permission.
But there is one good way. Please write the address. It is the address of Pixiv. I should write it down. If it is possible to do so, may not turn off!
In the future, please write the address of Pixiv. I You may also upload an illustration, Then.
I, I want everyone to know, that the author is a Ichiharune.

I can not speak English. I'm using Google translation. That would be a strange sentence. I am sorry.
My pixiv account: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=4356318

End of Mail
I don't exactly want to google translate a message myself, thinking that he might not understand if its crap japanese
so I was hoping if someone can message him in Japanese if they're fluent in it.

Updated by Nials

I typed out a google translated message for now, Don't know if it's understandable though.

Ichiharuneこんにちは。私はあなたの写真のアップロードのため申し訳ありませんが、残りの部分は、適切なソースが示されているのでご安心ください。画像 post #1166999 では、アーティストichiharuneどちらが言いますか、誰が伝え赤いタグがあります。あなたのピクシブのページにつながるリンク題しソースもあります。静止画を削除したい場合は、そのように言ってください。繰り返しますが、私はトラブルのためごめんなさい。 また、メールの最後に免責事項のページをご確認下さい。 これは、Googleだけでなく、翻訳されています。


It seems Ichiharune is saying that he/she (i'll say he for now) had a talk with Sankaku Channel over an unauthorized publication, but since the source url was present, he was fine with it. So as long as the source url is present, posting his pictures here should be okay. Maybe he just didn't see where the source was?