Possible mis-tag of Ze's art into Un_Do's

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Looking at the artist "Un_Do" 's artwork, it seems that someone has merged his/her account with "ze_(sawakihein)" (http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=14168)'s work. The pieces are clearly by two very different artists. I can't fix it because the tag "Ze_(artist)" is no longer available for tagging.

The two has different pixiv accoutns as well. Unless I'm mistaken, and Un_do is actually the much older artwork for Ze. It doesn't seem like it, however.

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ze_(sawakihein) was aliased to un_do 5 days ago at Kikimaru's suggestion here in the artist alias thread.

At a glance these do appear to be two separate artists.

un_do is still active on their personal site and Zトン has been productive over the same time period.

The roughly 2009-2011 blog (warning: large page load) on Zトン's personal site also overlaps with un_do's work published around the same time under the circle name 投影 (touei).


They can't possibly be the same person, unless Ze is pretending to be a less experienced artist on purpose. There aren't many similarities between their styles outside the monster_girl preferences, not to mention Ze's artistic abilities (speaking completely objectively) are very significantly more refined in anatomy, coloring, and shading.

I also don't see an overlap on their works. The only overlapped works I see are the ones on Danbooru, which have been moved under Un_Do's tag. Almost all the works on Ze's personal blog is on his Pixiv account, which is a separate account from Un_do's as well. Perhaps they shared the same name once by chance?

All of ze_(sawakihein)'s work have been retagged accordingly. But under his name, it still says (2) instead of the 50+ images. While un_do's tag still has a (52) despite only having 5 images. Not sure how that works. The numbers never seem to reflect the actual images under the artists name, though.