Tag Suggestion: Breast Inadequacy

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Kikimaru said:
I don't see the need for it.

You might not see a need for it but what about the people that specifically want to find images just as Hillside described? The whole point of danbooru's tagging system is to make things as easily findable as possible. If it's something that can objectively be tagged, then I don't see the problem.


Looking around at definitions for envy though, envy is "resentment at what others have, that they themselves lack." Envy would then visually be depictions of anger and annoyance, they're upset at what someone else has. Envy would not include being sad or depressed, as it does not depict resentment at what another person has.

You can say that they're sad because of what other girls have, but you're missing a major defining difference. Notably there is a major visual difference, underlying emotional difference, and focus difference. When a character is envious, they're upset at what someone else has and their focus is on what the other person has that they desire. This is not the same concept as these other depictions of inadequacy, because they're not upset at what someone else has, they're upset at what they themselves lack and their focus is on themselves and their own inadequacies. The source of the issue might be the same, but the response is completely different. It is similar to reactions of being insulted, the response might be anger or it might be sadness, but we wouldn't label them all as "anger" just because the source of the problem is the same.

If we have to lump them all together, I would think "breast_inadequacy" would be the better term, as it isn't limited to depictions of envy and resentment and describes more the underlying source of the issue than the actual means of depiction.

S1eth said:
Look at post #1148242.
This is envy, 100%, but by your definition, it isn't.
She doesn't show resentment, anger or annoyance,
she is shocked and sad.

The only reason you're making that argument is because it has text saying she's jealous, without those words you'd have no foot to stand on and your argument collapses. You're also suggesting that the tags might not have grey areas where they could be tagged both, when they certainly can and it would be logical to tag them both in grey areas instead of trying to hammer out pure black and white divisions.

S1eth said:
Breast_envy as it is currently defined covers both cases, sadness and resentment, nicely. For example, it applies to 2 girls in post #1147344 for different reasons.

The breast_envy tag might be currently defined as allowing both, but that doesn't mean we can't change it as times change. If we consider the division worthwhile, then it isn't an issue what the current definition is, as we can simply change it. So trying to use the current defintion isn't horribly strong as an argument one way or the other on whether to change or keep it the way it is. Also your example I think serves to help argue that there probably is need for a tag to differentiate the types, as you have two unique emotional depictions but only one tag to describe it. That would seem to better support having separate independent tags, than reinforce trying keep them together under one.

S1eth said:
Also, I don't think the name breast_inadequacy is memorable and will see much less use than breast_envy.

As for naming, I'm sure someone could come up with a better name, but on memorability issues a wiki is there to also direct to similar tag concepts, so certainly the breast_envy tag would link to whatever this other tag would be. Just because people may end up misusing the breast_envy tag down the road because they remember it over the other, isn't that great of an argument to try and prevent making a new tag. That's more of an argument based on familiarity, which is something that changes over time. If you're going to argue that because people aren't familiar with a tag, we shouldn't use it, then that would be akin to arguing that we should never make new tags cause people will not inherently be familiar with new tag to begin with.

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