Tag discussion: ears and nose

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I’m wondering about the use of the ears and nose tags. As characters are usually supposed to have ears (any kind) and a nose, I’d expect these tags to be handled similarly to eyes and mouth: Only add the tag when these things are the focus of an image or they appear in odd places. Otherwise, the tag should be left off. The absence of these things seems to be special enough to warrant the no_eyes or no_mouth tags.

So why are ears and nose handled differently? Currently these tags are sprinkled all over the place, being mostly applied to random character images.

Some examples:
Ears not really that prominently displayed here, or even at all: post #1167362, post #1175601, post #1231638, post #1323591
Not too much nose focus going on here: post #1315135, post #1316196, post #1323740

Actually, maybe just certain users might be sticking the tags on everything they tag.

Should these tags be handled similarly to eyes and mouth, requiring image focus? In that case they’d require quite some cleaning and I doubt there’d be that many nose focus images...

Otherwise, should they be nuked? Right now they seem to be pretty useless.

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