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Searched and found nothing on this, so might as well bring it up. This is regarding the character tags. Two things:

  • There should be separate tags for the armor sets. Kirin, for example; the actual monster should be tagged as kirin, whereas any character (regardless of gender) wearing its armor set (or at least a recognizable part of it, ie. Kirin's headband) should be kirin_(armor).
  • Aliasing to japanese names. Unless it's a real pain in the ass, like Pokemon.

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sorry to bump this. i bumped into an mh character named nobutuna. is that the right name or nobutsuna? not sure if this is another case of ryu vs ryuu or holo vs horo. pixiv tags (roman letters) and pixiv dic entry spelt it as nobutuna. but it sounds weird as nobutsuna is a legitimate japanese name. anyways, post count is too few atm to request an alias yet. and to what specific series does he belong? there's the mhd tag in pixiv, i would assume it's monster_hunter_dos, is that different from the current underpopulated monster_hunter_2 (1 post) tag? thanks.

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MHD is very likely to be an original series based on Monster Hunter, モンハンどうでしょう (Mon Han Doudeshou?). Nobutsuna is probably a character from this series, and seeing that he is wearing yukumo_(armor), which comes from monster_hunter_portable_3rd, a game that comes after Dos, MHD is not referring to Dos.

FYI no NPC in the games is given an actual name, apart from sasayu_(mhp3), konoha_(mhp3) and guild_sweetheart. (I don't even know if it's an actual name) The only characters with given names are the felynes.

I don't see the need to tag Nobutsuna for an original series based off the actual series. MHD seems to be unknown in Danbooru, people searching for Monster Hunter pictures would just type in the armor that they are wearing, like yukumo_(armor) or kirin_(armor).

I checked out the Pixiv article and it indicates that Nobutsuna is the uploader of the "Mon Han Doudeshou" video series, as well as a character in the series. There's also this:


"The username is based on the Sengoku era swordsman and tactician Kamiizumi Nobutsuna. Because 'Nobutsuna' exceeded the character limit in MHP2G, the 's' was dropped to become 'Nobutuna'.
The character limit was increased in MHP3, but this way of writing it has continued."