Why are copyright tags suddenly becoming general tags?

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As the title says, sometimes I notice a purple copyright tag suddenly become a blue general tag. For instance, I've been trying to change the Gyakuten Saiban tag because it's been inexplicably changed into a general tag. But when I try with the copy:gyakuten_saiban edit, it doesn't work.

Is it still a copyright tag, or is there some glitch going on here? It's not showing up under the Copyright heading in the new format, but rather in the General heading. In fact the Copyright heading is totally absent in this case. I have no idea what's going on here, and it makes looking for copyright tags (or possibly character tags) all that more harder in the mess of general tags.

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Cyberia-Mix said:
You're supposed to be a Builder.

There were a lot of janitorial features we used to have access to, like post rating and note locking, the pool settings, etc. Seemed really weird, but was handy.
Eh, well, maybe someday.

This may be related to https://github.com/r888888888/danbooru/issues/439 when all tags were changed to general on post edit. But that problem should be fixed by now.

And on a slightly unrelated note.

Cyberia-Mix said:
You're supposed to be a Builder.
Also, not sure if Gold users are now supposed to have more editing powers than members.

Many users, that helped with some aspects of the site, were promoted to Privileged status instead of a Builder even after the latter one got added.
It's probably safe to assume that all Privileged(now Gold) members that were promoted by users other than Albert got their status by helping out rather than donating. But then, there are also those who were promoted before Builder status was even introduced. So I don't know if there are any reliable way to discern and possibly migrate all contributing members from Gold to Builder, or if it's even needed.

This happened again, big time. SAO, hentai_ouji_to_warawanai_neko., and maybe some more set to general. I was trying to check how many & what but for some reason the posts aren't updating to having a copy count after fixing the tags back to copy unless an edit is made to the individual post.

edit: Ok actually the issue is the tagtype cascading. If a shortcut is created it sets the tag to general.

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