Tieria Erde and the trap tag

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I've come across a few Tieria pics recently, and somehow he wasn't tagged as trap (thought he definitely looked like a woman and I accidentally tagged him as 1girl several times.) Am I missing something, or hasn't he just been tagged properly?

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kittey said:


By the way, you don't need to manually link to the URL like that when you're linking to a wiki page. You can type this instead: [[name of page|text to display on the link]]. For example, like this.
I added that to help:dtext, since it was missing.

Fred1515 said:

I don't know this tieria_erde character but since he's male, then yes, pics where he looks sufficiently feminine should be tagged androgynous and trap, unless it's genderswap.

Tieria Erde is from Gundam 00. He is disguised in an episode (or two?) as a female (post #349858), which spawned a lot of drawings with him both as a trap (Tieria_Erde trap) and as a genderswap (Tieria_Erde genderswap). He was also fairly androgynous to begin with.

If you're going through this tag, it'll likely be necessary to check with the original pixiv tags to see if the artist themselves indicates the character's gender in the image (where possible).