Tag alias: street_fighter_zero_i -> street_fighter_zero_(game)

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create alias street_fighter_zero_i -> street_fighter_zero_(game)

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The game does not have a number in it - the Japanese title is simply "Street Fighter Zero". The _(game) qualifier is used to separate it from the street fighter zero tag used for the whole (sub-) series.

Also, it's sequels use Arabic numerals and not Roman ones, so the following aliases are also requested:
street_fighter_zero_ii -> street_fighter_zero_2
street_fighter_zero_iii -> street_fighter_zero_3

Updated by jxh2154

_1 is wort tagging if there are any images in it that can be uniquely linked to just the first game. Then it would implicate the base tag.

create alias street_fighter_zero_ii -> street_fighter_zero_2
create alias street_fighter_zero_iii -> street_fighter_zero_3