Tag alias: culture_japan -> danny_choo_(website)

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Sal.N said:

Only 10 minutes and the alias is already in place. Did albert create it or is it a bug that members can create alias?

It's pending. The wiki listing pending aliases as if they were completed is a minor oversight.

Since culture_japan is being used now, is there a way to change the color of the tag (from general tag to copyright tag)? I've tried copyright:culture_japan but it has no effect.

If it's already changed, then I'm not seeing it.

EDIT: Never mind, I'm seeing the changes; I guess it takes a little while to apply.


I changed that tag to copyright manually in the Tags index.

New tags not inheriting tag type after aliasing is a known bug. This had been discussed in 3 different github issues (latest one: 1228) and is still waiting to be fixed. This is a confirmation that it affects not only artist type but copyright type (and presumably character type) as well.


jxh2154 said:

I thought that was fixed because I did a character alias earlier that applied it, but maybe not.

Is the current tag for that character a totally new tag, or does it already exist for a few posts before the you do the alias?