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Reewee said:
I think it should be the other way around honestly. But had to fix up a few posts including mine.

A big issue with that is that it loses the most important element in the naming, which is that "gauntlet" is actually the more important defining part of the name that defines the style of glove. The tag is more accurately "gauntlet style gloves," but unfortunately you won't get proper results through like google unless you also throw in the term "bridal." Apparently fashion uses the term "gauntlet" to refer to these specific fingerless style gloves (and seems at least in English used to more often be used during weddings), but manufacturers also use the term for thick heavy duty protective work gloves (which is the bulk of what you'll find just searching "gauntlet style gloves" without tossing in "bridal" into the search). We may have a bias sample and incomplete tagging, but bridal is actually the less important describer of the gloves we have here given that the bridal_gauntlets tag has around 4,318 images under it, but only around 57 of those are also tagged with wedding or wedding_dress.

Even though we just have a few images tagged under a bridal_gauntlet wedding_dress search, several of the images are still mistagged and are using bridal_gauntlets to refer to "bridal gloves" (any glove worn as part of a wedding dress) instead of gloves that lack fingers and use a ring around middle or index finger to stay positioned (actually makes them closer to arm_warmers than gloves). So bridal actually also aids in causing some confusion in what is being tagged, though gauntlets alone would also cause confusion given the armor variety of gauntlets.

The fact that we have a misuse of bridal_gauntlets when it comes to wedding images makes me wonder if bridal_gloves being aliased to bridal gauntlets won't encourage an increase in mistagging these images, as people will use the bridal_gloves tag for any wedding gloves (which should just be like wedding_dress gloves) not understanding that it aliases over to bridal_gauntlets which is a specific style of glove that going by our images has very little to do with weddings.