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Tag Suggestion: female_focus

Posted under General

Did a quickie search without noticing anything, so I've been thinking about solo_focus and, most honestly, group_sex/gangbang (though this could most certainly apply outside rating:e). Don't think we have a tag for when the focus of an image is a, typically smaller, number of subjects with some number of those directly around them.

While my immediate thought is "female_focus", that leaves out mixed subjects (traps and futanari are, again, immediate), as well as straight-up "male focus", which if there's a gender-neutral tag out of this could reduce a "male male_focus" redundancy.

If I'm understanding you correctly, this tag would be for when the focus of the image is on several characters (instead of just one, as in solo_focus), while there are also characters that are out of frame (like with solo_focus).

If that's right, then it's similar to the potential out_of_frame tag discussed in topic #9341. (The difference would be that your tag wouldn't include solo_focus, while solo_focus would be a subset of out_of_frame.)