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I wanted to make this thread a while ago, but I didn't feel it was relevant back then.

So, we have created a few pools in the past which are based entirely on the existance of a tag at the pixiv source.

The earliest one I remember is pool #323 - Touhou - Let's Make Touhou Kids!
All images in the pixiv project are tagged "東方子作りしましょ!", which is essentially a pixiv equivalent of touhou if_they_mated.
Now, the rule for what goes in the pool is simple. Is it tagged "東方子作りしましょ!"?
Yes: include
No: don't include

These are the problems I have experienced with such pools:
1. They are essentially redundant with tag searches
2. Danbooru users don't care about the rule. Even after the project is finished, they add any touhou if_they_mated image into it.
3. Pixiv tags can be added by any user and pixiv users care even less than we do.
4. pool:323 bad_id: If a post is in the pool, but no longer on pixiv, you cannot tell if problem #2 happened or not.

I made this thread because of pool #7030 - Touhou Armored Warriors
with these 2 questions:

1. Do we want such a pool?
2. If yes, how do we enforce the rules and avoid the 4 problems stated above?

So posts should only qualify for these pools if the artist was the one who added the Pixiv tag?

I doubt that could be enforced. I could see casual Danbooru users not knowing how to check the tags on Pixiv before adding to the pool (or they just won't read the pool's description).

Fred1515 said:

IMHO there's no point in having pools that can be covered by tags, be it about pixiv projects or whatever.

I agree. We have no reason to mimic Pixiv's tags perfectly.

+1 for deleting pool #323 and pool #7030.

Toks said:
+1 for deleting pool #323 and pool #7030.

I didn't come here to get pool #323 deleted...
I just used it as an example for being the first one I know of. There are many more pixiv tag -> danbooru pool:

pool #533 - Touhou - Gothic Lolita
pool #2352 - Touhou - Let's draw short-haired Hinanawi Tenshi (I thought this had already been deleted)
pool #531 - Touhou - Kindergarten
pool #486 - Touhou Parka Girls
pool #2193 - Touhou - Corrupted by Evil
pool #1441 - Touhou - All Seme Wriggle
pool #1765 - Touhou - Costume Examination (this could really become a general "costume examination" pool or tag)
pool #588 - Touhou - Vampire Chain