Tag Suggestion: Artists' avatar images

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Tried a scant search, but the idea of "profile_image"/"artist_avatar"/"something_more_sensible" didn't seem among those couple keywords.

So, interest in tagging images that artists have used for their profile avatars (most notably on Pixiv)? There's the slight matter of censored or zoomed-in variants which haven't been uploaded, but "close enough" may cut it. Then there's whether the profile image itself (likely lowres) would seem to be encouraged for upload if its original isn't available in their galleries.

I think the problem here is that avatars by nature change according to the whims of the user/artist, and if we happened to implement this, we'd see a flood of extremely lowres, highly cropped avatars show up in droves. I personally don't think it fits the bill for quality in Danbooru.

I wouldn't call for the avatars themselves, but images from which artists have based their avatars. I'd expect any of the artists with respectable numbers of uploads here would base theirs on their work, which'd likely be among our number.