Duplicate aliased wiki page renaming

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When these aliases were made:

minami_(artist) -> minami_(colorful_palette)
miwa_shirow -> miwa_shirou

The contents of the wikis were copied over instead of being renamed. They have identical content, but the older wiki pages (on the left) have more history. Therefore, the newer ones (on the right) should be deleted. Then the old ones should be renamed to take their place, since the newer ones are the tags in use.

Note: Be careful not to delete the good wiki after someone else renames it.

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Edit: More:

ryohka -> ryouka_(suzuya)
okitune-sama -> okitsune_(okitsune-sama)
route_12 -> kokudou_juunigou


Oh blah I misunderstood the request, and deleted the wrong one for the first one - minami_(artist). Fixed the others tho.

But, in general, I don't take the time to manually rename every single aliased tag wiki as you're proposing here, there's just too many, and the alias feature has built-in functionality to handle copying over the wikis, so I make use of that. Not sure I want to commit to these manual moves for everything when most of the time the wiki history isn't that important...