Tag implication: short_twintails -> short_hair

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CodeKyuubi said:
The long hair mentioned wearable as short twintails is most likely at shoulder length max, at which point it generally has been up to the tagger's discretion to tag for long_hair or not.

For shoulder-length hair, it says to use neither long_hair nor short_hair.

Hillside_Moose said:

I still think two_side_up should be separate from twintails, where twintails use the bulk of the hair while two_side_up uses only a small section. Look at Sasaki Chiho for clear examples of both.

I agree. There are a lot of instances of two_side_up getting tagged twintails, so I'm at least wondering if it's acceptable to do cleanup, since in cases like Chiho's it would allow for easier searching of the "regular" twintails hairstyle. Similar case with Nibutani Shinka for one_side_up (post #1348951) vs. side_ponytail (post #1383658).