I had uploaded some posts, had them approved then some user removed the tags

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I don't know if there's a topic for reporting these... happenings, but here, take a look:

post #1461594
post #1461592
post #1461589
post #1461586

Check the tag history, I had tagged these posts, and obviously had to revert the tags back (and also merged with the tags of their children for competitivity). Someone here has to have judgment on this kind of matter, so I'm pointing this out for someone here to see it. I just would not want this happening again.

Edit: links to the posts


user #412066

Removing almost all tags from all 4 of those images. Looked for a moment like he was making a mistake, but not after looking again. At least for those 4 posts. He's got about 30 well tagged images under his belt. I'm going to hesitate and send and asking dmail before reporting.