Tag Discussion: multiple_fellatio

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I know it would be disruptive to switch up an established tag, but "multiple_fellatio"'s current state doesn't sit well with me. At least to my mind, it would be one person engaging in multiple acts of fellatio. It doesn't seem we have a tag for that, even.

So, in interest of displacing multiple_fellatio's wiki, I toss out team_fellatio (from the rather populated teamwork fellatio pairing) and group_fellatio (though this sounds more an orgy with 1:1 partners).

We may not find a more wieldy tag for "multiple persons fellating one penis" that what stands, but I hope others are less than satisfied with it.

My preference is team fellatio for the current use of the tag, but I'm afraid I'm going to need a better description of "one person engaging in multiple acts of fellatio" before voting on what to call that.

Are you talking about a single person with multiple mouths or a person with multiple penises in a single mouth? To my mind, multiple fellatio is a better fit for the former, since it describes multiple independent acts (e.g. the orgy situation). But I can't think of a good name for the latter.

Yeah, I just think that if the tag is well-populated, reusing it for another purpose might lead to mistagging by people who are confident in the tag's meaning without realizing that it's changed under them. That's why I suggest a different name and a disambiguation page.

On the other hand, if you're willing to volunteer to keep an eye on the tag periodically and fix it, then I withdraw the objection there.

You know... Do we have a tag to cover the general case or any other cases of multiple penises in a single orifice? That might be good to use as an inspiration. Or such a tag, in conjunction with fellatio could be good to find images like this.

Worse, "insertions" usually refers to non-penises on Danbooru. The whole double and triple penetration thing is what got me to thinking multiple fellatio would be many mouths x many penises.

Buuut, the more I think on it, that's going to be extremely niche. After all, there's no real point in tagging each act of fellatio in an orgy, and monster girls with multiple mouths that can service multiple men is going to be super-rare.

I withdraw my objection to claiming the tag for the purpose you'd like it used for. You've won me over.