Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi character naming (spoilers)

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Was wondering which naming should be used for the tags for the female lead and the currently untagged male in post #1468431 from the series Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, which currently has an anime adaptation airing this season.

Before the ending of episode 3 the female lead is just named "Ai" and does not have a last name and the male introduces himself as "Hampnie Hambart" in the 1st episode (though he states at the end of the 1st episode it is a name he borrowed from a fairy tale character, but it's also the name he seems most known as, since even a person who has known him from years ago in the 2nd episode calls him "Hampnie Hambart" and other characters in episode 3 also use that name). Then in episode 3 it is revealed that Ai is his daughter and at the end of the episode he reveals that his real name is "Kizuna Astin" and therefore Ai is "Ai Astin."

Which naming should be used, the naming before episode 3 or after episode 3 (the end of the first story arc)? I figure the naming after episode 3 is a spoiler, but it also happens rather early in the anime.

Besides those two characters there is also Ai's mother (deceased at the start of the series), though currently no image of her, but just in case we should also decide on which name to use for her. To Ai the name she knew her mother by was "Alfa/Alpha," but Hampnie Hambart knew her by the name "Hana." For tagging purposes would Alfa/Alpha be preferable as the name pops up earlier? Someone on AniDB has already labelled her as "Hana Astin" (though nothing has been presented to indicate she took Hampnie's real last name).

tl;dr: Which should be used, non-spoilerish pre-episode 3 naming or somewhat spoilerish post-episode 3 naming?

  • Pre-Episode 3
    • Female lead: "Ai"
    • Male character: "Hampnie Hambart" (alias)
  • Post-Episode 3
    • Female lead: "Ai Astin"
    • Male character: "Kizuna Astin"

Stick with the non-spoiler names. I know it's only an episode three reveal, but that's enough to make it a spoiler. Seeing that it's already been tagged with the spoiler, I'm especially glad I didn't go looking for fanart of this series before I watched eps 1-3 last night. I would not have been pleased, even if it had been heavily hinted.

I've changed the tags to hampnie_hambart and ai_(kaminai).