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I was told to make a new thread for this in the "Pointless Pools" thread. I'll just post what I posted there here:

"I want to make a pool, but since I don't want to be accused of making a pointless pool, I'll ask for the permission to do so here first. Sorry if this is off-topic...

I want to make a pool for pictures that beg for continuations. Basically, it's pictures depicting something happening, but because the artists never drew continuations of them, we don't know happened next, so it's up to the viewers to imagine the results.

Good idea for a pool or not?

Thanks in advance!"

I think we can also turn this thread into a place for asking for permissions to create pools.

I'm sorry if I'm not allowed to make threads like this myself...

Okay, take this one for example:
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As far as I'm concerned, there is no continuation to that comic, and I'm sure some people really want to see it continue.

Or this one:
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You get my point? It's basically pictures that makes you want to know what happens next. It's not necessarily the same as the "Impending Doom" pool, where you can easily predict that someone obvious is going to get hurt in the end.

"Cliffhangers" then, of sorts. You want to know what happens next, stories that weren't concluded. Opposite of speculation fuel, which wants to know what just happened, or stories that leave a scene out to get you guessing.

"Cliffhangers" sounds like a good concept for a pool, I think it could work as long as it's only about posts that have some sort of plot device cliffhanger and not about any comic or image series that wasn't concluded by the artist and to which you'd like to see a continuation.

Actually, I was thinking of including the latter as well. In the very least, comics or image series that artists purposely ended with a cliffhanger will do, like this:

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The next strip has a different plot, and the artist never revisited the scenario I posted again, though Kogasa eventually returned, just that what happened after she fell into the pot was never brought up.

EDIT: Okay, I made the pool. I'm deciding on whether or not comics that get discontinued and continuations that cannot be found should be included in that pool, though.