Tag suggestion: (no.)man/men & (no.)woman/women

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I've have been just wondering if it's just wrong to use boy and girl tags when there's no underage characters and clearly no justification to use terms for the younger people, like when characters are clearly over age of 30.

So that got me thinking, if we should use man/woman tag for them, for example this post #1351338 with both characters are old. Alternatively we could just do (number)male(s)/female(s) for more age equal.

So what do you folks think about this?

BCI_Temp said:

Is there anything establishing this? The Wikis for the tags make no such indication, and I haven't been using them with that sort of limitation in mind.

The wikis do make such an indication, actually. First line of the 1girl wiki:

An image depicting one female character.

All of the other #gender wikis say something equivalent. None of them say that age is a factor in whether or not to use the tag.

If we wanted the names to be 100% accurate, the tags should be named 1female/1male/etc. But I don't think that's necessary, not to mention that renaming them would involve retagging almost every post on the site, which isn't practical even with the use of aliases. So -1 to that.