"good versus evil"-tag/pool?

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Hey guys! I've been on Danbooru for quite a while now, and one of the things I've been thinking of is how it lacks is a tag or pool for what I'd call "good versus evil"-themed images.

The concept of good versus evil is quite well known and is present in a large number of topics. Here are some Danbooru-images I'd label as such: post #455210, post #1511400, post #769829, post #792132, post #1346785, post #900353, post #158151, post #1201830, post #1241838, post #589898, post #643036, post #699482, post #955059.

There are, of course, other pools/tags that these images fit in too, but none that deals with this concept. The "To the Death"-pool includes, for example, any fight that's intense enough, regardless of underlying reasons. The "angel and devil"-tag mainly includes girls with angel/devil wings, rarely showing any combat ( or even going the other way ).

However, I'm unsure of whether it should be a pool or a tag. Given how "good vs evil" is a common concept, it probably has the potential to be a tag (like "angel and devil"). Still, at the same time it does have a flair of subjective opinion which makes it more suited as a pool (I guess), despite how some images are clearly depicting this concept. What do you think? :-)

"black_vs_white" is a good tag, but as you say it will only cover some of the images - in this sense it is similar to To the Death and angel_and_devil. Although "evil" is usually represented by black colors and "good" by light ones, black_vs_white refers - in my opinion - more to the color aspect, and not to the concept of good vs evil. As such, EB's "light_and_dark" would be slightly more accurate, given how those words have a broader meaning. To be more specific, with "good versus evil" I'm going for a title I reckon it'd be easy for people to find/recognize, and something that truly encompasses the concept.

In any case, if "good versus evil" is to be created, I'd like to read anything that will help decide whether it is to be a pool or a tag. It might not be such an important matter for most, but it's nice to get it as correct as possible.