Tag Discussion: Madoka Magica Movie (MAJOR SPOILERS!)

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Momoe Nagisa has been confirmed as Charlotte's original magical girl form, but there's a lot of personification fanart of her floating around before this official reveal. Could there be a pool of any images of Charlotte personified as a human prior to Nagisa's appearance? If so, would it be considered too soon to make a pool for this? I just figured this because that would be a lot of posts to throw into the Hilarious in Hindsight pool, thus spoiling the movie that way as well.

Or would it be better to just keep it as a charlotte_(madoka_magica) personification search?


Would it be right to use Homucifer for Akemi Homura's new devil form? It might be a clever pun, but I don't see anywhere that it's official. The Pixiv tags I find keep calling her 悪魔ほむら (Akuma Homura), which could translate into Devil/Demon/Evil Homura. Wouldn't that be more appropriate of a tag for this form?

There's no reason to tag two visually distinct, visually unrelated people with the same tag (no tagging the new ones with charlotte.) The straight romanization of the Homu tag should be fine as well.

While I was unfortunate enough to see a couple spoilery alias threads while checking in on the forum today (and again when mussing with the wiki, though that can't be helped), I do appreciate whoever moved them, assumably into this thread. While I'll be blinding myself to any and all discussion, I'll state support for a Rebellion-specific tag implicating the standing mahou_shouja_madoka_magika_movie tag.