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How do I tag this? page 448 approved Schrobby Mayhem-Chan
alias strangle_mark -> strangulation_mark pending Oosaki-m Oosaki-m
Split the +_- tag reg panda reg panda
Create alias marlowe_freudenberg -> Marlo_Freudenberg pending Admiral Pectoral Admiral Pectoral
Dark Cure Sky Renaming pending Toothbox CurePikachu
Team Fortress Classic pending mpmpmp4 CurePikachu
Spiked pauldrons → pauldrons pending ion288 ion288
Mirror's Edge pending mpmpmp4 mpmpmp4
Small (post count) vtuber agency has the same name as artist. pending War6t2 War6t2
Windows XP MCE pending mpmpmp4 mpmpmp4
slugs and snails -> gastropod as an umbrella tag. page 2 pending War6t2 War6t2
Rename Riruma -> Rirumu_(mirumo_de_pon!) pending tys 06 tys 06
Rename Riruma -> Rirumu tys 06 tys 06
alias highlander_sidelocks_conductor -> highlander_wavy_hair_conductor pending John Fantasy XIV DanbooruBot
New/Repopulated/Nuked Tag Report page 33 nonamethanks NNTBot
imply wrapped_candy -> candy_wrapper rejected GunGoose22 DanbooruBot
Remove chupa_chups -> lollipop implication rejected 岩戸鈴芽 DanbooruBot
Meteorological Halo rejected John Reality DanbooruBot
Dove v pigeon rejected War6t2 DanbooruBot
Skibidi toilet pending user 893647 DanbooruBot
the highlander_sidelocks_conductor_(blue_archive) now have a name pending majomajo uzumaki AkaringoP
FGO requests page 7 pending xcv450 ProbablyGod231
The Vtuber Alternate Costume Tagging Proposal page 29 pending thelieutenant TheGamingRodent
Finding an alternative name for "cuntboy" page 2 pending Admiral Pectoral blindVigil
The new Kuroshitsuji anime pending Zundamonium Zundamonium
the highlander_twintails_conductor_(blue_archive) now have a name pending majomajo uzumaki majomajo uzumaki
*_(medium) meta page 2 pending War6t2 War6t2
imply family_crest -> crest pending gzb gzb
rename tennouji_ai -> tennouji_ai_(ultraman) , alias tennouji_ai -> tennouji_ai_(shy) pending reg panda reg panda
Create alias lei_bailin -> rai_bolim pending Admiral Pectoral Admiral Pectoral
bobbles -> baubles pending Aqros161 GreyOmega
glint utility alias pending Login to view c spl
Missing Fate/Grand Order Implications pending Knowledge Seeker Samsara Kama
GFL requests pending xcv450 Damian0358
Deprecating the Habit pending Damian0358 Damian0358
[Blue Archive] alias highlander_conductors -> hikari, nozomi rejected AkaringoP John Reality
[Honkai: Star Rail] Costume implications page 3 pending Astolfo Jerr
Colored Extremities pending gfz gfz
Moonlight Butterfly qualifier approved TrueKringe DanbooruBot
Fried Egg on Toast, Huh? pending Knowledge Seeker nonamethanks
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