Collection: Can't You Just Fly?

For when a character perfectly capable of flight (in)conveniently forgets about this power in the face of a problem that could easily be solved by flying, possibly doing something silly or unnecessary as a result. This shouldn't include simply running (could conserve magic), riding vehicles (could be faster or less effort), or sudden occurences such as tripping and falling to the ground. This pool is for things where they have no real excuse for not thinking of the power, like being unable to reach something or falling off a building.

Often seen in Touhou fanworks, since nearly every character is seen to fly under her own power in the games. A few are up to interpretation: Kirisame Marisa might require her broom to fly, Wakasagihime may have only been swimming, and most characters not appearing in the games have never been shown to fly.

AU settings for any work should not be included unless it is confirmed that the character(s) can still fly.

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