Collection: League of Legends - Star Guardians

In May 2015, Riot announced a magical girl skin for Lux, named Star Guardian Lux. In September 2016, Riot then announced four new Star Guardian skins to join Lux. The new Star Guardian quintet – Lux, Jinx, Janna, Lulu and Poppy – earned their own section of the League of Legends official websites, accompanied by a set of profiles, lore and anime-style images and even anime-style opening cutscenes in both English and Japanese. Also included here are the traditional Western-style splash images. In August 2017, Riot announced a second quintet consisting of Ahri, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Syndra and Soraka to be released in September.

Part of the positive reception from fans included speculation and fan-made renditions of which other female League champions they envisioned as joining the Star Guardians.

Official (Source: Official League website on Star Guardian and Universe pages)

NameGrade/YearBlood TypeHobbyFavorite FoodFavorite SubjectProficiencyRelease Date
Lux3ASleeping & EatingCakeMusicLight PowerMay 22nd, 2015
Jinx3BRacingCurryNoneHeavy ArmsOctober 6th, 2016
Janna4ABReadingTeaHistoryAir MagicOctober 6th, 2016
Poppy3OTrainingOkonomiyakiAthleticsBlunt WeaponsOctober 6th, 2016
Lulu2ABExploringCupcakesAgricultureFae SorceryOctober 6th, 2016
Ahri3ODancingIce cream sundaesYearbookCharmsSeptember 7th, 2017
Miss Fortune3ABPokerShrimp tempuraEvent planningFirearmsSeptember 7th, 2017
Syndra4ABChessChocolate ganache cakeTheaterDark MagicSeptember 7th, 2017
Ezreal3BTravelingPizzaArchaeologyArcane MagicSeptember 7th, 2017
Soraka2ABStargazingCinnamon rollsHealthRestorative MagicSeptember 7th, 2017
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